Area Man “So Turned On” by Fantasy Baseball Team

INTERNET – Area man, Billy Smith, has the best fantasy baseball team, EVER. In fact, it is so great, that Smith reported getting an erection when the league draft ended.

“My team is so awesome that I’ll be able to fantasize about it for years to come,” Smith told his girlfriend, Cynthia Walder, on Friday.

The couple was enjoying March Madness, when it became clear that Smith was unable to concentrate. He kept going into his room during crucial moments in the game and remaining there for long periods of time.

When Walder went to see what was up, she saw his new fantasy baseball team up on the screen and a manic-looking Smith.

“My support for the Nationals will never be able to top my excitement for this team,” he shouted, a little too loudly.

Walder tried seducing Smith to distract him from his fantasy baseball world, but none of her attempts worked, so she left him to his computer.

“I knew he had started to do the fantasy football, or whatever sport it is, but I never knew it could be such a big deal,” Walder said, exasperated. “Can he at least make money off of it?”

But Walder doesn’t have to worry. With the baseball season just getting underway, there will be many opportunities for the failure of Smith’s team. If it’s a success, however, Walder could be in the dugout for upwards of six months.

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