Prospie Turns Out to be Asshole, Admission Revoked

EVANSTON – For the first time in university history, a future wildcat’s admission was revoked for being the biggest asshole to ever visit Northwestern. Adam Rojek was attending the most recent Wildcat Days when he learned his offer of admission was no longer valid.

“I was completely shocked. I was all ready to take him on a tour of Norris and my dorm, but he insisted on going to as many frat parties as he could, and even suggested starting a Racist Beer Olympics in my dorm,” said the prospie’s overnight host, John Altman.

The prospie, Adam Rojek, also tried to sexile his host.

“I thought he was joking when he asked me back to his room, especially since he was still wearing his purple lanyard and carrying that purple folder,” said a surprised freshmen, Linda Mark.

The prospie was later spotted stealing bikes from the racks outside of Tech, and then running into pedestrians while riding the bikes.

“I just wanted to live life as I actually would when I got here,” the incredibly annoying Rojek said.

The admissions office called a mandatory meeting after hearing about this complete douchebaggery.

“He has great SAT scores, and his dad is a state congressman, but I just can’t justify allowing him into this school,” one admissions officer said.

“I’m not concerned at all about this,” Rojek said in an interview with the Flipside. “I’m perfectly ready to go wreck some shit at Princeton…. Once I get off the wait list.”