Top 10 Rejected Handles for the Pope’s Twitter Account

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI recently entered the Twitterverse with the twitter name @pontifex. The question remains: how did he choose this handle? The Flipside has received, from an anonymous papal butler, an exclusive list of the final candidates that didn’t quite make the cut. Here are 10 handles that the Pope unfortunately didn’t pick. Maybe they were already taken – the list did not specify, and we were too lazy to look it up ourselves.

1. @infallableoopsimeantinfallible
2. @f***thepo-pope
3. @benedictinemonkeez
4. @checkoutsaintfrancis’sassisi
5. @magnumopusdei
6. @pointyhatguy
7. @drinkanothervatican
8. @jesusisjustalright
9. @touchedbyanangel
10. @raisingpope

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