Freshman Girl Falls into Sweat-Induced Coma at Frat Party

EVANSTON — Weinberg Freshman Shawna Lestner fell into a sweat-induced coma at a sci-fi-themed Tappa Tappa Keg party on Saturday and has not yet regained consciousness.

When asked to recap the evening’s tragic events, Lestner’s roommate Alaina Seelings told The Flipside, “So we were like on the way to the party, and she was totally fine. Like she was the one using the iPhone map app and got us there with no problems! But when we got to the house she kept complaining about how hot and crowded it was. She even took off her monogrammed J.Crew cardi and draped it over her shoulders, even though I told her it made her look like a DAR member.”

Seelings explained that not long after arriving at the party, she and Lestner were separated when she spotted a fratstar with “litte polo players on his Nantucket Reds.” After being otherwise preoccupied for 30-40 minutes, Seelings re-emerged from said fratstar’s room on the third floor of the TTK house and found Lestner looking “super lonely and awkward. She said she wasn’t feeling well. At first I was like gurlllll you’re just drunk. But then I noticed that she more like looking extremely sweaty and pale, overheated or something. A minute later she just passed out!”

At first glance, Seelings said she thought she recognized the symptoms of alcohol poisoning from the AlcoholEdu course all Freshmen take. However, after remembering that that Lestner had not, in fact, consumed any alcohol, Seelings recognized that the situation was much more dire. “I finally realized that she was just like really sweaty,” the pre-med student reported. Seelings called 911, but paramedics told her and several fraternity brothers that it might have been too late for Lestner. “I pray everyday that she will come out of her sweat-coma. I also pray for frat parties to like get an air conditioner or something.”

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