What Is The Flipside Giving up for Lent?

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of the Lenten season for Christianity. This period of forty days and nights–ending on Easter Sunday–is a time of reflection and self-improvement for Christians. During this time, many people choose to abstain from an enjoyed activity or savored item. In this spirit, The Flipside has chosen to give up several things for Lent.

  • Attempting to Write Sports Articles — Look, we aren’t athletes. Hell, most of us haven’t even gone to a game this year. But we try our hardest. We like to think that we’re as good at caring about sports as the athletes are at playing them.
  • Not Talking About Chet Haze — This guy is hotter than an after class demo with Professor Bailey.
  • Beating Dead Horses — Fine. Chet Haze graduated. And most of the freshmen don’t even know who J. Michael Bailey even is. But come on, the infamous reticulating phallus is a gold mine of satire.
  • Applying for ASG Funding — As a recently shafted campus publication, the percent of a shit we give about ASG is directly proportional to the percentage of requested funding we’ve received.
  • Door-to-Door Soliciting — We don’t actually do this. But if we did we’d probably be trying to CRUcify you. Ha, get it? It’s CRU . . . and a religion term . . .
  • Referring to the CRU Recruitment Process as CRUcifixion — It’s a bad joke and we’re sorry.
  • Apologizing for jokes — Okay, this is getting out of hand really fast.
  • Publishing Articles with Poorly Designed Lists — But just wait, suckers. The day after Easter you’re getting thirty of these things.

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Jordan Villanueva
Jordan enjoys watching Lizzie McGuire reruns on Sundays while eating stale bread with his grandmother's ashes. They add a certain flavor similar to cardamom and not dissimilar to cumin. However, Jordan's favorite spice is actually nutmeg because it reminds him of long winter nights in Argentina. It was in Argentina where Jordan worked as a nude model at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. It was in Buenos Aires that he met the love of his life, Lolita, but she tragically left him to return to Canada. Broken-hearted, Jordan now devotes himself to his work with the Northwestern Flipside and his YouTube cooking show.

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