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Phonathon Student Calls Chester Hanks

EVANSTON—It was the first day at Northwestern University Phonathon for Shannon Wells, WCAS ’17, last Tuesday. Like any eager, purple-clad, Northwestern student, she said, “I was super excited to get in contact with alumni passionate about their alma mater and make some money for NU.” But her face said it all. She just wanted to earn minimum wage via the glorious technology of automatic dialing. “It started out like any other day. Well, it was my first day, but…anyway, I sat

To Chet Haze’s Dismay, Mayfest Announces Headliner

EVANSTON — Though insider reports indicate that Mayfest’s executive board came this close to actually having to ask Detroit-based rapper Danny Brown to do a reading of The DaVinci Code by the moonlight, the group finally released a statement Friday afternoon that they had accomplished the sole task for which they receive $300,000 in funding each year: booking a nighttime headliner. Following the Dillo-eve announcement of rapper Wiz Khalifa as the festival’s final act, NU students voiced their concerns on

Back agin bitjes, DILLOOO

Editor’s note: This article was written by an actual drunk student, and, as such, has been left completely unedited. itss been too long since we’ve published a drink article, (auto-correct) dillo day for reals, typing on my phone. More later. Aaaand some chick is throwing up in the byshes pre 11am. Classsss. Some lady just asked me of I could see her flask. I couldn’t. We’re friends now. I forgot to tell you Chet haze grabbed my friends butt true story bro. Gah

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