Fraternity Banner: Fuck Mayfest (Consensually)

EVANSTON – Amid growing controversy regarding recent sexual assaults and the responses of fraternities to their role in rape culture, Northwestern’s Fappa Fappa Fappa chapter added a Dillo-themed banner to the ranks of anti-rape slogans hung on fraternity houses around campus.

“We just wanted people to know that we still haven’t forgotten about last year’s cancellation,” FFF President Skyler VanGessel said of the banner, which reads “FUCK MAYFEST (consensually).”

“I know I’ve gone on the record as saying these banners are shallow and ineffectual responses to sexual assaults,” Northwestern Daily columnist Raven Zeller said. “But, honestly, they’re on point with this one. Fuck Mayfest.”

The original version of the banner said “FUCK MAYFEST” with no parenthetical addendums, but FFF leadership decided that displaying this banner side by side with the words “NO MEANS NO” was “a little contradictory,” in the words of VanGessel.

“But we were still committed to our message, so we decided to clarify that Mayfest was a consensual participant in getting fucked,” VanGessel explained. “That was our compromise.”

“For all their deplorable participation in rape culture, Tri-Fap might have found something here,” Zeller said. “There’s been a lot of finger-pointing over this whole banner brouhaha, but ‘Fuck Mayfest’ is a slogan that frat stars and feminist activists can both rally around.”

Flipside attempted to reach Mayfest for comment, but the organization’s voicemail message said that the committee members were too busy letting people down to come to the phone.

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