I’m so happy it’s not actually thunderstormig – Dillo 2017

Editor’s note: We at the Flipside have a long tradition of drunk articles for Dillo. This article was written by an actual drunk student and has been left unedited because the editors were also drunk.

7:43- I woke up to band music outside at 7- apparently my whole dorm did too. Sober and wondering why I’m up at this hour before god

8:20- had a margerita (not in my dorm hahaha that’s not allowed hahahahah hi smart dilllo!) off to meet people. Not sure what else I need in my fanny pack?? Hm suggestions welcome

9:15- at someone’s apartment for bagels n booze. Honestly wondering why I started so early @studwnts why do we do this how do I keep going the aanswer is probably more shots maybe I’ll do a tequila! People are chillin n all is gud in the hud! It started raining just as we got here so we’ll see how this day goooooesiporr

10:21: at a frat party so gross ew I had cup of vodka sun drop out of bottle hahah and there’s so much mud but I saw anoother flipper yaya

11:16: dropped. Rn wildcard in mud, ppeeikg rn. I veceuthing wet! Help plz don’t rain it dillo hard too Tylenol I apologize back in fanny pack u go phone should inhpllling with someone no ok good love my friend

11:44 took some hits hehehe so drunk maybe so high I’m cray. Woo can I type without looking leggo here I am it dillo say forest set was cancelled bc rain and gross idc if dillo day is in drunk it’s all day now leggo I’m up till after sunset I’m in a back room and I can hear mr bright side next door sorry about jo punctuation I can’t rn until the but it’s just the PRICE I PAY DESTINY OS CALLING OR KILLING ME

ok let s go back out idk where to I love dillo day and everything m

12:35! Hey didn’t mean that exclamintion I’m not THAT excited I’m pumped but partying inspvwr which is sad rip (in an undisclosed location bcc that will give me away.etthis girl who guys like that I know! Did that make sense. Anyways got a motif that lakefill is open did I say prez Harris was cancellled? Yeah that happened idk what’s kext

1:35 still here Kinda bored time for lakefill! But first a refill woooo

1:46 ahhh I wanna go to lakefill I’m angry

2:20 I’m in my room for a refresh but I really hope today gets crazier ifs fun but like… want to be more. I’m so happy it’s not actually thunderstormig god BLESS AMERICAN my roommate has so much la croissant Where are he other flippers

2:44 my friend: it’s only 3 in the afternoon! Me: it’s already 3?! I just smoked I’m so high help

3:17 it’s time for dram wtf he talking about uchi duck em! Leggoooo music people are drunk but I think they’re evnjoying it he’s telling us to spread love but I love being mean whatever! So many people this is the most amazing thing ever thanks god wooo music is restarting legooooo fam

Can’t wait for broccoli yes

3:40 DRAM is bopping he’s so jazzy and smooth I love this but also when do I get redrunk. I think I sound drunk bc I don’t wanna use periods and commas sorry (punctuation I remember the word)

5:21 getting food in Norris! Dillo is fun I have seen every person I know shoutout to all of you. There need to be more day party’s. This is such a beautiful day and the weather is perfect (btw my strapless bra is falling I feel weird writing this but I should that feminism

6:08 getting food in allison. Pretty much sober but I’ll fix it. Been with a weird mix of people and I think  one of my friends is mad at me which is sad because I really like him. I’m at 5% but we can do this! Not sure if this is what the Dillo article can be maybe I should write some articles? Student drinks on Dillo

Smart Dillo accidentally buys weed brownie from local children

7:44- so my phone is super dead but yanno. Had a beer about to have an edible but only half bc I stop talking if I get too high but I eawanna be fun! Gonna pee AGAINsnkwny where’s that fun. Can’t wait for more music. Saw a cute boy but not gonna happen dw need more. Ok back to the lakefill we go! Lots of people out getting ready for round 2. Also THE SUN IS OUT WTF SOMEONE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE CANCELLED THIS IS AMAOZMGN GOD BLESS IP

8:26- back at the music not actually high very disappointed some gr ssbdanxing why do any of us try pmg

8:46 idk if you need times but just in case. A whole lotta bopping and pushing going on. Can’t believe the day is almost over I want it to keep goin

924 and no mgmt but there’s some other good music but still also there are so many people I wanna see every tine

9:45 and still waiting

10:05 and the crowd is not feeling mgmt yikes let’s seee how this progresses. Feeling pretty sober

10:46- listened to all of mgmt, but accidentally left right before kids I’m so stupid. Anyway good day let’s see if I continue it? I think I should but also I’d like sleep maybe people are leaving and I’d say this lived up to the hype kinda I think I didn what I needed to! Dillloooooo day

1:22- reflecting notes and end of day summary: crazy to walk so many people just leave the event. Could NOT have gone to the after party but stayed up with friends! Dillo is definitely an amazing experience and I enjoyed it. I think

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