Male Student at C-Store Wonders What Kind of Potato Chip “Tampax” Is

Furrowing his brow at the mysterious snack behind the Lisa’s checkout counter, male student Brad Goslin, WCAS ’20, was reportedly wondering what kind of potato chip “Tampax” could possibly be.

“They usually stock all the chips on the other side of the store, but for some reason these Tampax chips are over here with all the cough medicine. Why would Frito Lay choose such a weird name for their product anyways? I’m really confused,” Goslin said.

According to several sources, the utterly perplexed sophomore only became more uncertain upon further inspection of the ambiguous treat. “The box says they’re pearl flavored. Who the hell would want to eat pearl-flavored potato chips? You’d think they would be barbeque or sea salt or something. And why aren’t they in a bag like normal chips? This makes no sense,” Goslin continued.

At press time, Goslin had decided to just go ahead and get some Tampax to eat on his way to class.

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