Students Don’t Know if They Should Be More Stressed About Midterm Exams or Elections

The annual stress-inducing midterm season has become more taxing on students this year as they worry about not just exams, but also the upcoming election.

According to a Daily Northwestern poll. record-high anxiety levels among students seem split over the contentious elections that could decide the fate of the Trump agenda and exams that count for 40% of final grades.

“The fate of the nation is, in many ways, in the hands of our generation, and this election could significantly impact policy-making for the next two years,” said Northwestern Model UN member Brianna Meday. “Young people must take time to research candidates in order to make informed decisions at the polls. But I also have a chem midterm on Wednesday and know nothing.”

Other students have echoed these worries, and are often finding themselves torn between studying for hours in the library and agonizing over the latest political issues, such as social justice, foreign policy, and whether or not committing sexual assault disqualifies one from holding an official government position.

“I have to prepare for my future career by learning course material and performing well on exams,” political science junior Ethan Cramer explained, “but I also have to post long Twitter threads about the dangers of radical feminism. It’s a lot of pressure.”

CAPS has responded to the increasing tension by establishing hotlines for students overwhelmed by tests and members of College Democrats.

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