21 Savage Shotguns Entire Earl Grey Tea

This past week, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents discovered that the Atlanta based rapper 21 Savage is actually a British citizen, a fact that Mr. Savage vehemently denied. However, upon being pressed on the subject, 21 responded by shouting “The jig is up!” and shotgunning an entire Earl Grey Tea.

On his way back to the motherland, Mr. Savage appeared very out of character. When asked for comment, he said, “Blimey mate! You should’ve seen the look on those copper’s mugs when they budged up to my ID only to see that I’m bloody British. They were positively gobsmacked, I tell you! I was dead chuffed, innit, but then I had to leg it or those cheeky little geezers or they woulda popped me in the nick, bob’s your uncle.”

Mr. Savage then addressed his angry, Atlanta fans: “You bog-standard banker’s men have been hoodwinked, innit? It’s all gone pear shaped now! Twenty and one, twenty and one, twenty and one.”

But things aren’t too bad for Mr. Savage. In fact, after a short ceremony, the rapper has been dubbed Sir 21 Savage.

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