Guy at Party Desperately Waiting For Someone to Comment on His Goofy Shirt

Witnesses at a Pike party last weekend spotted a freshman waiting desperately for someone to comment on his goofy shirt. The wacky wardrobe-wearer in question is 18-year-old Jim “Jimbo” Weeks, who was eager to talk to Flipside reporters—or really anybody willing to listen—about his hilarious get-up.

“At parties like these, you gotta find ways of standing out,” Weeks said earnestly while waving around his half-empty cup of Rum and Coke. “New Year, new me. That’s what I would have told people if they’d asked.”

Unfortunately his choice in attire—a bright blue graphic tee with a picture of his own face and the words “Jam with Jimbo” printed across the top—was a bit of a misstep, as many partygoers averted eye contact with Weeks the moment they caught a glimpse of the outfit. However, Weeks is not letting one failed wardrobe choice get him down. “These people,” he gestured vaguely around the packed basement, “they just don’t appreciate a good graphic tee.”

When asked about his future outfit plans, Weeks replied, “Just wait until next weekend when I whip out the ol’ Hawaiian tourist look. Classic Jimbo. The ladies love it.”

At press time, Weeks was seen enthusiastically doing the electric slide to “Mo Bamba.”

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