Professor Takes 15 Minutes To Play A Movie Clip In Lecture After Nobody Volunteers As The “Computer Person”

In a far from unprecedented move, Professor Irene Teck spent the first 15 minutes of her 50 minute Medieval English lecture struggling to play a movie clip after no student was willing to offer their assistance as the “computer person.”

Professor Teck had intended to play a thirty second clip from a film with no relation to the course material in any way.

“You see, there’s a side character in The Dark Knight whose dialogue is similar to the opening lines of the Milton poem we’re reading. It’s quite remarkable, and though it’d benefit the students in no way, I was determined to play it,” said the befuddled professor. “When I couldn’t, I asked for help.”

Sophomore Daniel McDaniels told the Flipside. “Yeah, I was browsing Twitter when I noticed that like 15-ish minutes had gone by, and when she asked for help, I sorta looked around the class and just went back to browsing Twitter.”

“I’m a Comp Sci major, and despite the fact I knew what the issue was and how to solve it, I .. well, I didn’t feel like getting up. That’s what NUIT is for, right?” said junior Chelsea Tristky.

Ultimately, Professor Teck failed to play the film clip and instead summarized what the students were missing out on. Students claim that at the end of lecture, the professor made a note of how she’s always running out of time.

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