Student Comforted by Fact that a 107% on Final Can Save Her Grade

After “not doing so hot” in her Intro Macroeconomics class this quarter, freshman Emma Harrison was relieved to find out she could get a passing grade with a 107% on the final. Thanks to the grade calculator section of the Canvas website, she is now completely sure that everything will probably be okay, despite getting a 57% on her midterm and showing no signs of improvement over the past few weeks.

“My mother always told me that the final determines your grade,” claimed Harrison. “Class attendance, homework, and midterms are pretty much inconsequential.”

Many friends stated that they advised Harrison to attend class and do even the most basic assignments, but to no avail. “Once I convinced Harrison to do an assignment,” stated Ben Richardson, “but she did the whole thing in purple crayon.”

Still, Harrison asserts that her lack of effort was completely justified. “I’m pretty sure I can swing this ‘one-o-seven,’” said Harrison. “Or in a more likely event, maybe the whole school will burn down and they’ll cancel the test.”

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