Congratulations to local Second Grader Joshua Fairground for Swearing for the First Time

The Flipside would like to formally congratulate Joshua Fairground, a second grader from Evanston, for saying his first curse word during a heated game of outdoor kickball.

“I, I, I was trying to kick the ball but, like, I kept missing because Chaden was, was pitching the ball too fast, and, and, and I got angry and I got angry and I said the F-word.” 

Though this isn’t the first time a student has used profanity in his class, Coach Byrdmouth says it’s becoming all too common. “These kids, I’ll tell you man, they are becoming the biggest potty mouths. I tell you. It’s all these video games and phones, too. You know, I watch this show, this Jones guy, and he’s got some theories about what they’re doing to our kids and–” 

When asked how he knew of this salty language, it seems partial homeschooling may have played a role. “Sometimes when my dad gets mad, he’ll, he’ll say a bad word and he tells me not to say it but I want to be like, like my dad because I like my dad so I said a bad word I said the F-word.”

Though Joshua was ultimately grounded, it seems this incident may have created a future comedian. “I said the F-word and, and everyone laughed it was so, oh, wow it was so funny and I think I want to keep saying bad words because everyone laughs when there is a bad word and, I actually said a bad word I said the F-word


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