Back to Back Topical Pop Culture References Solidify Professor as Cool

Fan-favorite professor Angelica Corsen has firmly established that she’s hip to the trends with her latest remarks during an Econ lecture. After her example of how juuls are a substitute good for cigarettes, she absolutely slam dunked on the class with her follow up suggestion of using Snapchat to document all the instances of an incentive in the market.

“Professor Corsen is definitely the coolest Professor I’ve ever had” exclaimed Anna Lunes, WCAS ‘22. “She really connects to the experiences of college-age Gen-Z students like no other 60 year old woman I’ve ever met.”

Unfortunately, not all students are so taken in by Corsen’s undeniable cool factor. Zachary Hernandez, McCormick ’19, claims that, “Sure, Corsen’s knowledge of pop culture history is as deep as it is vast, but it often feels like she’s putting on a persona to appeal to us. I mean, does she really need to send out our homework from her Tik Tok account?”

The professor herself seems content to let the students talk. As of the time of this piece, she’s considering slowly phasing out her work as a tenured professor to focus on her work as a social media influencer.

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