From the Archives: Ye Olde Candleshoppe in Evanston Doomed Following Implementation of Electric Lighting on NU Campus

Journalism is about recording and reporting on current events. By looking back on articles from the past, we can learn so much about the lives of previous generations. Here is one such historic piece from the Flipside archives.


April 12th, 1917


Northwestern University revealed to press yesterday that the school will officially be adopting electric lighting on its campus in all dormitories and class buildings throughout this year. This announcement may be exciting to the school’s students, but not all of the fine gentlemen and ladies in the area are so pleased. Ye Olde Candleshoppe, one of Evanston’s finest and oldest businesses, may be forced to close its doors for good.

The candleshop relies on the money from Northwestern’s immense candle purchases to stay profitable and, without their business, Ye Olde Candleshoppe will not be able to continue supplying the community with all of its products, which are mostly candles. Flipside reporters took to the streets to get the scoop on what Evanston residents have to say about the inevitable failure of this local staple in wax-based lighting.

Children’s school teacher Ms. Mary Sue Dubois expressed concern. “I’m but a children’s school teacher. I can’t afford to install electric lights in my children’s school, where I teach children. I need candles so my children can see the chalkboard at which I teach,” she said.

Big time investment banker Mr. Maxwell Harrington said, “Fortunately, I can afford to purchase electric lights for my large, impressive house. The poor folk of this town are just going to have to make more money so they can ditch those obsolete candles. Also, Woodrow Wilson is currently the president, as it is 1917.”

Truer words have never been spoken. It appears that Evanston residents will need to purchase their candles elsewhere or go without lighting. Ye Olde Candleshoppe has little hope of staying profitable after Northwestern’s big change. Fortunately, however, it looks like the extremely successful “There Will Never Be a Second World War” Assorted Memorabilia Shop will never go out of business, as the Great War that is currently taking place will certainly be the war to end all wars.

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