Freshmen From the South Feel That They’re Handling the Current Cold Temperatures Well

Every Northwestern freshman hears about winters on campus long before they arrive. Many family members spend thousands of dollars on finding the best clothing to warmly suffocate students into warmth. Some freshmen coming from the South fear that they’ll catch hypothermia the moment a cool breeze passes; however, this year a few Southern freshmen feel like there’s nothing to worry about.

“I mean don’t get me wrong, it is definitely very cold,” claimed Chelsea Moore, Weinberg ‘23, “but my coat goes down to my knees so I’ve been handling it pretty well. I do feel bad for the people I see that only have hoodies on though.”

We spoke with Max Price and Cody Powell, SoC ‘23, a shivering duo of Texas natives we found standing by the Rock wearing shorts and Purple Pride shirts. “I’m not afraid of a little wind or whatever,” said Price, “I wore shorts every day during the winter back home.”

Powell nodded in agreement, “I don’t even own a pair of pants, unless my silk romper counts. But, once I get cold, I can’t even feel my legs or arms anymore so it’s not too big of a deal.”

Maggie Johnson, Weinberg ’23, wrapped in a bulky Canada Goose added, “I just can’t wait for it to start snowing,” she commented, “I think that’ll make these freezing temperatures worth it.” The temperature at the time of her comment was 62 degrees.

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