Local Student Rests After Long Day of Mansplaining in the Class of 24 GroupMe

Amid the endless requests for links to group chats for different classes and queries regarding the package center, one Northwestern student is trying to make a difference and help out his classmates—or so he thinks.

Current freshman Patrick Archy was able to take a break from answering questions in GroupMe and share with us his experience as a leading voice among the freshmen.

“I was a double legacy, so I would definitely say that I know more about Northwestern and being on campus than my peers,” explained Archy. “It’s my responsibility to educate my peers, who seem to understand so little about campus life.”

We talked to some other students who have received tips from Archy.

“I asked a question about registration times, and suddenly he was explaining to me how CAESAR works, as if I’ve never used a computer before,” explained freshman Lauren Brown.

In response to claims that his “advice” is just mansplaining, Archy explained that, “I’m the least sexist person I know. I have a girlfriend, I support women. If you think I’m a “mansplainer,” then don’t ask for me help.”

“Yeah, we didn’t,” said every woman.

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