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Ask Flippy: Why the Fuck Do the NAVICA People Ask if I’ve Taken the Test Before and Then Recite the Directions to Me Again? We Both Know That I Know Asshole

The other day, I went to get my second semiweekly rapid test, expecting the interaction to be the same as usual: walk in, show my silly little apps to the workers, and engage in the voyeuristic practice of having a mid-twenties man make fierce eye contact while I twirl a silly little q-tip in my nose. But all of a sudden, it’s gotten so much worse!

Joe Biden Dazzles White House Press Corps by Driving New Electric Truck Over Journalist at Top Speed

After a lightning-fast lap around the facility, Biden continued speeding directly towards the group of journalists unobserved, aided by the silence of the new state-of-the-art electric engine. However, they were soon made aware of his presence as he ran over the journalist who had earlier asked him for comment at top speed.

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