From the Author: Help, Please. Get Me Out of Here. I’m Stuck At This Permalink

Holy shit please help me. I don’t know what happened, but I, Flipside Author and Editor Adam Leif, have been trapped inside of this article at its permalink,

Honestly, I can’t even think of a reason why I’m stuck here. But I need help. Help to get out. God, what a strange week I’ve had. Just the other day, a strange man told me his riddles three — but I refused to listen since it was clearly just more META cult shit trying to entrap me. I’ve had enough of their malarkey. No way I’m stopping to hear what that dude’s imp-looking ass had to say, no matter how much he hollered after me about “misfortune” and “eternal damnation”. And that forked tail waving in the air behind him? Childish. Such trickery is beneath me.

Oh, and a couple of days later, I dropped my phone while it was reflecting my face, and when I bent to pick it up, a cat crossed my path — all while I was walking underneath a vertical staircase of some kind! Thankfully it was just a reflective surface (not a mirror), and the cat looked brown (not black) in the sunlight, and the stairs were a sort of upwards bridge (not a ladder) with space underneath for me to retrieve my phone: if they weren’t, I could have been cursed. What a week I’d be having then!

Alas, it seems I’ve been cursed for no determinable reason! Dear reader, whoever you are, this is a cry for help. Free me from my permalink prison, please, or I might just be stuck here until the Flipside shuts down (i.e. never, or at least until eduroam crashes again). 

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