“Passover: The Musical” Coming to Broadway this Spring, Ice Spice in Talks to Play Miriam

Grrah. Broadway’s newest production company, “AnJrEW Lloyd Webber” announced this Thursday that the next show of the summer will be “Passover: The Musical.” From the minds behind “Shlomo’s Appendectomy” and the queer story “How Zeyde became Bubbe,” “Passover: The Musical” tells the story of the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt with a unique 21st century twist: the entire story is set to sultry rap beats.

While Josh Groban immediately snatched up the role of Aaron, calling it “the role of a lifetime” and “his last chance at staying relevant,” casting Miriam has been a little more difficult. According to inside sources, the role of Moses’s sister Miriam will be played by America’s Princess Diana, Ice Spice. While Ice Spice isn’t Jewish, she is from The Bronx, so there practically isn’t a difference.

There are also reports that the setlist includes brand new takes on rap classics, including “Jew Wop (That Thing),” “Pharoh’s Paradise,” and “Stupid (Let My People) Hoe.” The company has also made the artistic choice to portray the burning bush as a gay woman, claiming “Only a Lesbian could serve that much cunt.”

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