Bella Thorne To Star In New Badminton Movie, “Opponents”

When I was young and watching the Disney Channel original series, “Shake It Up,” starring Zendaya as Rocky Blue and Bella Thorne as Cece Jones, one thought kept crossing my mind: Who will be the big star? The answer is clear now – Bella Thorne has taken the world by storm with her career. Have you seen “Midnight Sun” (2018)? Now, the ginger star looks to add more to her success, as she is set to star in the upcoming sports/romance movie (I guess that’s a genre now) “Opponents,” coming out next summer. The film features Thorne as a star badminton player, where two other badminton players fight for her love. Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical) and Moisés Arias (Hannah Montana) will also star.

To prepare for the film, Thorne says she will do a lot of research, including finding out what exactly badminton is. “I know it is a sport,” Thorne recently said in an interview with Vogue. Thorne then giggled when Vogue mentioned the word “shuttlecock,” the apparatus you must hit with a racquet in badminton. As for Grabeel and Arias, they are both looking forward to their role. Grabeel said, “I can’t wait to play another straight character,” referencing his past role as Ryan Evans. Arias said his acting skills have improved immensely since his role as the devious Rico Suave 13 years ago.

Studio executives are hoping the film will put badminton in the spotlight, as it fights for its survival with the rising popularity of pickleball. (Bella Thorne also giggled when someone said the word “pickleball.”)

Will you be going to the theaters to see “Opponents”?

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