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Op-Ed: Why I’m Basically Carmen “Carmy ‘Bear'” Berzatto Except With None of the Cooking Talent and All of the Kitchen Fires

When I first watched FX’s The Bear for the first time, I saw myself in the lead, Carmen “Carmy ‘Bear’” Berzatto”, except with none of the cooking talent, but all of the kitchen fires. When Carmen talked about his experiences setting kitchens on fire, I knew that the show’s creator, Christopher Storer, was writing this show for me. The first time I ever cooked something on the stove-top, they had to rebuild half of my house. The second time I ever cooked

Wife Not Spending Enough Time in Kitchen

LITTLE ROCK, AR—A month after his wife landed a position as a volunteer at the local Salvation Army, Bud Bixby worries that she is not spending enough time in the kitchen. “I don’t know,” said Bixby, staring blankly around his empty kitchen. “There used to be so much food. Now, there’s just leftovers all the time. It’s almost as if Louanne doesn’t care anymore.” Bixby has been married to his wife, Louanne, for 16 years, and this is the first