Girl Vomits on Phi Psi; Second Hate Crime of Halloween Eve

EVANSTON—In a shocking display of prejudice, Ashlee Jones, Delta Zeta sorority sister, threw up on the front steps of Phi Psi’s fraternity house Saturday night.

Jones, who was dressed up as “sexy Big Bird,” consumed three Jello shots at Delta Upsilon, five Natty Lights at Pike, and one “something fucking delicious” at Lodge.

“This was obviously an attack on Phi Psi. She didn’t get the alcohol from us. Her stomach contents were her metaphorical pen, hate her message,” said Phi Psi President Dan Johnson.

This incident followed the proclamation by the Daily Northwestern of a Halloween hate crime on the Chabad house. The Phi Psi hate crime, however, has gone shamefully under-reported.

“People fail to understand that we as a predominantly white, middle-class fraternity are one of the biggest targets for prejudice in the frat quads,” Johnson said.

Other than the alcohol consumed that night, the upchuck contained only Diet Coke and bits of celery.

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