New CTEC Categories to Include Quality of Rec Letters, BS Tolerance

EVANSTON – Recent aesthetic changes to the Course and Teacher Evaluation Council (CTEC) will be followed up with entirely new categories at the end of Winter quarter, according to one Registrar administrator.

“We were getting complaints from the students that teachers and classes weren’t accurately reflected by prior CTEC scores,” Alice Andrews told Flipside reporters. “We submitted a survey to a good portion of the student body and will soon add new categories that better reflect what NU students look for in a class or professor.”

Evan Tompkins, a Medill sophomore, is tired of getting lied to. “I was fed up with the old CTECs. All I’m looking for in a good class is something that’s interesting and not a lot of work, but I never seem to find one with both of these qualities. Reading through the comments at the bottom, one person says they love it and to take the course, then the next says to not even consider the class. There’s got to be a better way.”

A common problem with the current CTEC system is that a course may receive high marks because it is well-taught and interesting, but may be a ton of work or vice versa. The time-spent-out-of-class category can help, but many students just don’t do work in general, so that evaluation can be deceiving.

CTEC’s new “Bullshit tolerance” and “Rate this class on an interesting scale from 1-10” (where 1 is Mr. Rogers and 10 is that ‘Dos Equis’ guy) categories will allow students like Tompkins to clarify what is both easy and fascinating.

“I really like the new BS rating,” Ashley Stemson told The Flipside. “With my last quarter at Northwestern fast approaching, I was just going to sign up for a bunch of sociology classes or something, but now I just might be able to find four more diverse blow-off classes.”

Others are excited for the “Quality of Recommendation Letter” category. “I usually just take classes that are taught by the most important professors so I can get good summer internships,” said Weinberg Sophomore Anna Wichita. “This will really help me pinpoint which profs write the best letters so I don’t waste my time sucking up.”

Additional categories are listed below.

Although CTECs are changing, don’t expect CAESAR to change anytime soon. The Registrar’s Office tried that last year, but got fed up after it kept asking them to update their contact information.

Additional New CTEC Categories:

English-speaking ability
American <-------------------------> What?

Frequency of early dismissal

Precise number of students earning As

Ability of professor to catch people on cell phones

Admittance of laptops

In-class masturbation policy

Thanksgiving break policy

Physical attractiveness

English Department <-------------------------> Neuroscience

No shirt, no service policy

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