Fowler: Filming GameDay on Construction Site was Good Call

BRISTOL, CT — In a retrospective press conference made after the filming of ESPN program College Gameday on the Northwestern campus, host Chris Fowler praised the decision to film the program within the under-construction six-level parking facility on the north side of campus. “We always choose a location which has special relevance for the university generous enough to host us,” said Fowler, “and we made a perfect call with this one. Nowhere could have represented Northwestern University better than an active construction site.”

Fowler thanked construction workers for not ceasing construction during the live-broadcast of College GameDay. “We wanted to give our viewers a taste of the Northwestern University experience, which includes a constant sensory barrage of the sights, sounds, and smells of an active construction site in one of America’s top-twelve universities, and we’re so glad that the construction workers were able to help us with that goal.”

Fowler mentioned the alternative filming spots that he considered before selecting the under-construction parking facility. “We put a lot of thought into other under-construction areas such as the Visitors Center or the Music and Communications Building, but we decided that those buildings weren’t producing enough visual and auditory pollution to really capture how the Wildcats live every day,” Fowler said.

Fowler continued, “We sent some of our filming crew to scout out the Technological Institute as a possible location, but none of them returned. We put some thought into the Seminary–that’s a really beautiful building–but nobody could tell us how it was affiliated with Northwestern University, not even the people working there.”

Fowler ended his announcement by hinting at the possibility of future College GameDay coverage for Northwestern. “The Visitors Center is ‘supposedly’ set to be completed in 2014, so we should be able to use it for more filming at any point in the next decade if we need to,” Fowler said with a playful wink to the press in attendance.

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