Op Ed: Plexican is Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation has been a hot topic in college campuses around the country for the past couple of years. From controversial mascots to offensive signage, students everywhere have called for change. Opinions have surged and roiled regarding countless offenses, but one, perhaps the most egregious of all, has been left in plain sight on our very own campus. That’s right, I’m talking about Foster Walker Complex’s weekly burrito day, dubbed “Plexican” by the student population.

When asked about the questionable name, Social Justice Warrior Sara Payne, WCAS ’19, responded with a passion that she normally reserves for men who hold the door for her. “I cannot believe this has gone on for so long. How can we claim to be a liberal university when such crimes of bigotry are happening under our very noses? Not only should the name change, the word burrito itself is cultural appropriation. Did you know that these so called ‘burritos’ are not traditional Mexican fare? They should be called bean wraps.”

When questioned on the same topic, Plex resident Nick Emerson, MEAS ’18, responded in a more subdued tone, “Sure, change the name, it’s not going to matter anyway. Remember when they decided that SPAC should be called Henry Crown? When was the last time you heard someone calling it Henry Crown?”


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