Drunk Friend at Tailgate Will Totally Get Lunch with You Soon

Jennifer Tinman, WCAS ’19, was having a great time at the Phelta Thi tailgate when she saw Hannah Bernstein, SoC ’18. Hannah and Jennifer were study buddies in Gender Studies last winter quarter. The two had gotten along super well when they worked together, and had promised to stay friends even after Spring Break.  Unfortunately, their spring quarter interactions were limited to quick hugs on Sheridan accompanied by hurried apologies for not staying longer.

Jennifer commented that she was “disappointed that Hannah and I weren’t able to hang out last quarter, but we’re both so busy, so I totally get it!”  Moments later she added that, “and I’m only doing one extra thing this quarter, so I should totally have time to see her this time around.”

Hannah, who was “Way more drunk than I meant to be,” at the tailgate told reporters that she also intended to spend more time with Jennifer, and to prove it, “we took a selfie and put it on Jennifer’s snap story, so that we would remember once we’re sober.”

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