Idiot Freshman Can’t Find Building

Earlier this morning, freshman idiot Cynthia White admitted she was too stupid to be able to find the Frances Searle building for her Earth Science lecture.

White rushed into class a whole five minutes after class had started. “Sorry I’m late,” she told onlookers, “I mistook Searle for Francis Searle and couldn’t seem to find the right building.”

White’s classmates were unimpressed with her excuses.

“I mean it’s the second full week of classes, she really should know her way around,” said sophomore Bryce Walters, whom “stupid Cynthia” asked for directions once she realized she was at the wrong building. “Any moron should be able to tell the difference between two buildings named after the same person.”

White’s PA, junior Rachel Panzer, was not surprised to hear about “that dumb girl’s” most recent idiot move.

“She asked me what the difference was between Bobb and McCulloch. Seriously? Everyone knows that.”

“I guess it’s early and I’m still finding my way around,” White said, as if that were actually a thing. “At least no one will make fun of me if I admit I’m lost!”

Following her interview, Cynthia asked Flipside reporters how to find her way to her professor’s office in Tech LGQ50674, like any brain-dead dumbass with a pulse couldn’t do that.

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