International Student From Scotland Pulls Plex Fire Alarm: “It Reminds Me Of The Music Back Home”

Recently, students living in Plex were none too pleased when someone pulled the fire alarm three times over the course of 24 hours, forcing them to leave their rooms for no apparent reason. Now, the person behind the incident has been found, but in a heartwarming twist, his motivations were not malicious. Duncan MacDougal, an international student from Scotland, has admitted he pulled the fire alarm because its shrill tones remind him of the music from his homeland.

Below are MacDougal’s original words:

“A’ times a lad misses hes ‘ome, ye knoo?” MacDougal explained. “A din’t mean tae cause no ‘arm. A was jes’ ‘avin’ a bad dae, an’ a thought a’d listen tae a wee bit o’ music tae clear me ‘ead. But then a remembered, a left me bagpipes back ‘ome! Well, what was a s’posed tae do ‘cept give that alaerm a wee pull? A tell ye, th’ second a haerd those notes, a remembered th’ highlands o’ me ‘ome. A’m tearin’ up jes’ thinkin’ aboot it!”

Due to MacDougal’s linguistic idiosyncrasies, the Flipside has taken the liberty of translating his words from Scottish to English:

“Sometimes a person misses his home, which I trust you understand?” MacDougal explained. “I promise that I did not have any ill intentions. At the time, I was having a particularly strenuous day, and I decided to listen to some music in order to calm down. However, I then remembered that I had left my bagpipes at home! What was I supposed to do except give that alarm a pull? I tell you, the second I began listening to those notes, I remembered the highlands of my home. I am crying just thinking about it!”

It seems that MacDougal has learned his lesson, as he has promised his fellow students living in Plex that he if he pulls the fire alarm again, he will eat his kilt.

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