Freshman Praying Willie the Wildcat Doesn’t Awaken Anything In Them

Unexpected sexual feelings are not uncommon for college students. College allows students to navigate the world of sexuality in a way that home communities may have never allowed for. One student in particular expressed concern about his newfound feelings regarding Willie the Wildcat.

“Yeah, he’s pretty cool, I guess. The attention can be nice, you know? Sometimes you just want someone to notice you and cheer you on. But I’m not like into that or anything,” claimed the anonymous student. “I hated football in high school, but I can’t help but go now. Seeing him just makes me feel…. I dunno. I’ll say hey, then he’ll smile and give me a high five. It’s nice.”

While the student admitted to having “weird fuzzy feelings” around Willie, he claimed that he was not a furry. “I mean, I haven’t really considered taking it anywhere. Thinking about him is nice and all, but I don’t even know if I feel ​that​ way about him outside of my dorm room, if you know what I mean. What if Willie doesn’t like me back or thinks I’m just some bandwagon furry?”

At this time the student has started a Willie the Wildcat blog in order to meet others who share his feelings. “I hate the Kansas State fans. They think their Willie is so great, but he doesn’t even have fur.” He then added, “but I’m not a furry.”

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