Local Man Disappointed He Can No Longer Shape His Entire Identity Around His Residential College

When Artie Jones figured out that spring quarter would be all online, he was incredibly disappointed. For the last year, Jones has depended on his residential college, Willard, for an identity, but now, he is unable to figure out who he is. “Bachelor and Bread was the highlight of my week. Now I can’t eat bread without crying,” he said.

“Plus, when my professors asked me to introduce myself, I was so used to saying, ‘I’m Artie Jones and I live in Willard,’” said Jones. “It was tragic to have to say, ‘I’m Artie and I live in…Los Angeles.’”

Jones is not alone. Hobart resident Meryl Chang said, “It’s so sad not to see the GroupMe blowing up with ‘washer 2 is on washer 2’ messages. Now there’s only one washer to choose from. I miss the excitement of using washer 1 and wondering if it is going to overflow again.”

However, many people didn’t just miss their dorm’s events and amenities, but the people in them. “My only friends were my suitemates,” said Slivka resident, Arnold McEntire. “It’s just not the same to only see them during Zoom Pictionary events. I miss our struggle Olympics over who did the worst on Chemistry exams. Now we all just look up the answers online.”

Even the Communications Residential College has struggled to maintain community. “I don’t know what to talk about now that there’s no one having sex on the floor of the BSR. Wait, do you think my parents are having sex on my floor?”

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