Investigation Uncovers University President Michael Schill’s Spotify Account Featuring Playlists Titled “songs to listen to while my administration guts student org funding <3" and "sCHILL vibes"

A probe into Northwestern President Michael Schill’s social media presence has led to the discovery of his Spotify account, and its contents have inspired the ire and confusion of many students.

The discovery of the account has also led to some of Schill’s Spotify playlist names being publicized. Many students were indignant after one of his playlists was revealed to be named “Songs to listen to while my admin guts student org funding <3.” The playlist included songs such as “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift and “Bad” by Michael Jackson.

Many Northwestern student leaders, including sophomore Otto Phil Accio, were taken aback by the blasé attitude Schill has towards his administration’s incompetence.

“I, as well as many other students, are confused by this playlist of President Schill’s,” Accio said. “Finding funding for student organizations is difficult already, but especially without the assistance of Northwestern. The other leaders and I work really hard, and it’s crazy that Schill just doesn’t seem to give a fuck.”

Schill also seems to have gone a little pun-crazy with some of his other playlist titles, such as “sCHILL vibes” and “Schillo Day.” The “Schillo Day” playlist has been the subject of much speculation as well. 

Many students believe that the “Schillo Day” playlist’s contents reveal the artists set to perform for the fast-approaching Dillo Day. The playlist include the songs “Astronaut in the Ocean,” “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and “Axel F.”

There was a general expectation that the Dillo Day performers would be disappointing due to funding issues. But the prospect of Crazy Frog performing, as well as students being rick-rolled live, has revealed a new low for Dillo Day.

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