Student Announces Big Plans Coming: “There Are Big Plan Coming”: Big Plans Coming for Student: Friends Keep Laughing at “Coming”

Student announces there are big plans coming for him. In a statement made, the student said, “There are big plans coming.” The student very aware of plans that are big that are indeed coming for him. Friends of student only had to ask ,“Haha, big plans are doing WHAT?”

When NU Flipside reached out to ask what plans were coming, the student just had to say these plans were the “biggest thing to come for him” and that it “surely was going to come” in a manner that would be “faster than anything has come for him before.”

Big plans, they come soon, coming soon. Plans, so big, very big, coming this way soon. Plans will come over everywhere soon. Coming, plans are, and there are big, for student, coming for student, in a big way, plans, plans, coming student bigging soon. Oh my gosh, it is going to come soon. I can feel it. Big plans coming soon student has said. Haha, he said coming.

Student has nothing more to say at this time, besides “There are still big plans coming.” Student has stated that “soon” could be either days or weeks, but it is still unknown if plans will be coming in days or weeks or on days or weeks. Before the student left, NU Flipside quickly asked if student could follow up soon about the big plans and if they had come. The student replied: “I’m coming.”

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