Local Man Falls Down Well, Finds He Is No Longer Well, Found By Well Wellness Checker, States, “Well, well, well”

Welder Welliam Rockwell reportedly fell into the Upwell Well after leaving his dwelling.
Welliam reported that he noticed immediate swelling on his head and felt unwell. Earlier that
day he had noticed welts, so Welliam’s day was going just swell.
Well, it is fortunate that in the village that Welliam dwelled that he was a welldoer, for many
noticed the lack of Rockwells, the swellest folks around. Maxwell was one who noticed the
missing Rockwell, and went to ask Welliam’s mademoiselle Michelle if she could tell where
Welliam did now dwell. She had no intel, and an unwell spell befell upon her and her
Maxwell propelled to ring the village’s bell, and at the final knell Maxwell did yell, “I compel
the welder cartel to dispel this hell and find Welliam Rockwell!”
What happened next, nobody could foretell. For as Welliam was beginning to say his final
farewells down in the well with his welts and his swells, the local well wellness clientele
found Welliam at the bottom of the Upwell Well, stating, “Well, well, well.”
Welliam was saved, for the clientele gelled well. As he emerged from the well Michelle felt
compelled to grab his lapel with emotion that welled.
Although Welliam had fell into the Upwell Well and surely felt unwell, the welder excelled
and now had a story to tell.

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