QUIZ: Which Great American Tragedy Are You?

When you took all those Buzzfeed personality quizzes back in 2014 (or five minutes ago), you always wished there was one that accounted for the long-lasting ramifications of American history. Thankfully, here at Flipside, we have respect for our past, so keep track of your answers to find out which great American tragedy you are!!

  1. What’s your favorite dessert?

A. Cookies!

B. Cake!

C. Pie!


2. The new student in math is so cute! How do you show you’re interested?

A. Throw paper airplanes at their face.

B. “Accidentally” knock everything off their desk.

C. Gossip about other people in class.


3. You missed your flight. How do you react?

A. Take on the form of a vengeful wind spirit to make it to your destination.

B. Cry in a really ugly way with lots of snot.

C. Accuse the airline of making you speak in tongues.


4. Your dream vacation is:

A. Intentionally crash landing on a tropical island!

B. Curled up with a good book on a beach filled with debris!

C. A woodsy getaway with all your friends that quickly turns fatal!


5. Do you have a good relationship with your father?

A. I fear him.

B. I never met him.

C. I worship him.


If you got mostly A’s: Attack on Pearl Harbor!

You’re a direct person who does whatever it takes to get what they want. You are unafraid of conflict, but sometimes you make it all about you.

If you got mostly B’s: Hurricane Katrina!

Sometimes you get carried away by your emotions, but your big personality is unforgettable, whether you’re kickstarting reform or you’re the reason someone’s life is in literal shambles.

If you got mostly C’s: Salem Witch Trials!

You’re a total social butterfly! You love chatting about all the hottest gossip and being the life of the party—just make sure you don’t get too jealous. I mean, that’s what Goody Stephanie’s been saying…

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