The duck why this fallen: 2016 Dillo

Editor’s note: We at the Flipside have a long tradition of drunk articles for Dillo. Keeping in the spirit of completely reasonable and well thought out literary cancer that we are famous for, this article was written by an actual drunk student and has been left unedited for effect.

9 AM. It begins

10:07 red bull walking around? Giving out energy. Tastes like hand santitizer fucked an old eaten melon. WHITE GIRL DOWN!

10:55 man. Lost my $10 bill

11:20 Second time my shirt got spiller all over. The duck why this fallen

11:29 found the motherload of cu (Russian alphabet letters). Is this a new awakening?

13:98 My roommate is gone

17:15 my back is so meesefcndupn can’t veliebe some rn just clawed me in. The back. There are scars. Oh we’ll. Battle wounds. Motor Sunday.

6/15 time for cashmere cat I guess So. I. Came bubsbwtbnon. Understandable. Normative. And still. In unnswtsioodle. Not Marines

6;19 Secure. Um. Secure. From. Rights. Of atrocity. Want t n an. .

20:37 I guess decent. Here. J could leave.

Lic k


3 AM Found my bike.

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