Ask Flippy: Am I A College Republican Or Do I Just Like Warm Potato Salad?

Dear Flippy,

It’s always the same thing every game day, tailgating outside an off-campus frat while talking about the merits of Reaganomics with four dudes wearing Allbird shoes and Patagonia vests… oh, and eating warm potato salad and a burger with no bun. This has become such a routine for me that I’m starting to wonder if it’s the talk of fiscal conservatism that keeps me coming back or the warm potato salad I have come to associate with these conversations. I mean, I do love how Larry only seasons it with too much mayo, salt, and a little bit of pepper. At the same time, I voted for Trump.


John Edgar III


Dear John,

From the III at the end of your name I am assuming you have generational wealth. For this reason, I must reveal to you that you are a college Republican. There is good news, however! Liking warm potato salad and being a college Republican, however gross I might find both of those things, are not mutually exclusive. So, eat your heart out John!

Much Love,


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