After Success Of Barbenheimer, Studios Prepare For Next Creation: “Bratz-Jong Un”

After the summer 2023 pop culture phenomenon “Barbenheimer,” studios are clamoring for another movie-going experience that will make audiences flock to the theatres. Recently, Warner Brothers Studios and Universal Pictures announced their next movies that will come out on the same day: The Bratz Movie, and Kim Jong Un, respectively.

            “We hope to carry on the trend that Barbie created: creating movies about toys… and also movies for women, I guess,” the Warner Brothers spokesperson stated. “And we could not be more thrilled to produce another epic story about a man and his love for nuclear weapons,” Universal Pictures commented. 

            No stranger to what good publicity can do, the two studios have already begun marketing the movie release as “Bratz-Jong Un”. 

            “We have much more in store,” the studios commented, “including a limited-edition Kim Jong Un Bratz doll with matching missile accessories.” 

            As for the stars, Amy Schumer will finally get her chance to play a popular children’s doll, after those many interviews where she claimed she was supposed to play Barbie originally. And for Kim Jong Un, the titular character will be played by Cillian Murphy. After receiving some backlash, Universal Pictures defended their choice, stating “We couldn’t find anyone who captured male fragility as well as Cillian.”

The studios both seem to have high hopes for the success of these movies, “After audiences see these incredible films, we really hope to see a spike in Bratz sales and the sale of nuclear weapons… no wait, that’s not what I meant, please don’t–” said a newly hired intern. 

            “Bratz-Jong Un” will hit theatres July 15, 2024.

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