Op-Ed: The Healy-Swift Relationship was the Most Outraged I’ve Seen White Women since Schools were Integrated

            Look, I am no stranger to public outrage. I mourned with America over the fall of Blockbuster, I rioted when the McRib was stripped from the McDonald’s menu, and the establishment felt my wrath when Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon. But oh my god, was I taken aback by one group’s vitriol this past year. This past May, Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating problematic singer Matty Healy, and to be honest I have not seen white women that mad since public schools were first integrated. 

            I get it, Taylor Swift is the second coming of Christ to Caucasian women, and Matty Healy is a fugly British racist. There was no doubt in my mind that this pairing would ruffle the feathers of the most dedicated Swifties. There is also no doubt that white women make up the majority of Swift’s fanbase — white women whose grandparents probably had strong opinions about Ruby Bridges and the gaul she had to pursue an education. Clearly, those anger issues are genetic because I’m pretty sure I saw someone threaten Matty Healy with a firehose. I wanted them to break up too, but I never said they should be separate but equal. 

            While I am personally always in favor of bullying those crumpet-munching monarchists across the pond, I do worry about what happens when a large group of white women suddenly unleash their wrath upon someone. I’ve seen what white women did to downtown Brooklyn and AAVE, and I just hope that we can move on and leave the pitchforks at home where they belong. 

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