The Little Lesbian from Boygenius cast in “The Sandlot” Reboot following Hiatus

It was a sad day for Boygenius fans when the band announced they were going on hiatus for “the foreseeable future.” But it was a wonderful day for fans of 1990s coming-of-age sports comedy films when it was announced that the smallest boygenius, Julien Baker, would be starring in a reboot of “The Sandlot.”

“Julien just wowed us with her audition,” said director Bobby Coen (the secret third Coen brother). 

“I actually thought she was a ghost of some dead Industrial Revolution-era little boy that had come to haunt me. But then she was like, ‘Do you guys know where the bathroom is on this floor?’ and just sort of stared at me and then looked vaguely morose, and I just knew we had found our star.

While more recent movies have used digital technology to “de-age” their actors, Coen says that isn’t a worry for his “Sandlot” film. “We actually have to age her more. When we did a costume fitting, she left in the middle of it to go to craft services and security got called four times because they thought she was an unaccompanied minor.”

For Coen, he couldn’t have dreamt of a better lead actor. “Julien’s just an absolute delight. Plus, we don’t have to abide by child labor laws with her!”

Flipside tried to reach Baker for comment at Asher Segal’s Totally Tubular 80s Bar Mitzvah, which she was attending with her castmates, but was unable to bypass security.

Following “The Sandlot,” Baker will continue her acting streak by playing Sheldon Cooper in the new Big Bang Theory spin-off-spin-off “Even Younger Sheldon.” She will then play all of the newsies in a non-union revival of “Newsies.” 

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