Op-Ed: To The Campus Coyote – Stay Away From Campus…Or Else…You Wouldn’t Want To Deal With Me On A Full Moon…

“So, I heard there was a coyote running around campus the other day, wreaking havoc…heh…pathetic.”

*I stand up from my chair, my large black boots hitting the ground. I have on a tight black top with a leather miniskirt and fishnets. I open my emerald green orbs and smile the smile of someone who is the opposite of sane.*

“You want to know my name?” I growl. “Since when has any1 wanted 2 know my name?”

“Most days, I lurk in the shadows. The deep, dark crevasses of Allison dining hall. Watching. Waiting. Feeling the hunger and sadism and hungry sadism within me grow. And now, now that this campus is being terrorized by wild coyotes, you want my help?”

“I scoff at you,” I say, scoffingly.

— The Wildcat Pack ~ Part 1 —

My name is Demonia Imagin-Draguns Elderberry. Most people call me Deme (pronounced like Demi Lovato). I’m a half-wolf, half-vampire, with cat ears for aesthetic purposes. And yes, I am dating Willie the Wildcat (who in this universe is emo).

Most of the time, I’m attending school as an ordinary girl, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. It’s muy bueno (sorry! Forgot to switch languages teehee. That’s Spanish for “very good.”)

However, I have a dark secret. At night, under the Evanston full moon, I change…into a feral beast. I prowl around campus as well as the greater Evanston and Northwest Chicago Suburban area, killing rabbits and squirrels. What would Willie say if he found out?

But now…I may just have 2 tap in2 my powers in order to save this campus from itself…and 2 save my relationship with Willie.

Authors Note: OMFG guyz thankz so much 4 reading my story. I used Thesaurus.com to help me find the word “crevasses” ISNT IT SO KEWL!!! There will be more smut in part 2 so dont worry 2 much! Also NO COMPYWRITE INFRINGEMENT INTENDED i dont want 2 get sued! –”You Make Me A, You Make Me A Believer” – Imagine Dragons

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