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SOPA Uproar Leads Area Man to Discover Internet for First Time

A special editorial from area man Bob McCulloghy So this past Sunday night, I was flipping through the most recent issue of Life Magazine, watching some good ole’ public broadcast television – and I heard about this SOPA thing. Barbara Calhoun was reporting that if SOPA happened, this thing called ‘The Internet’ would start getting regulated by the government. Now I’m not normally one to judge the government – they’ve never done anything to me. Every day, I wake up

Qaddafi Escapes Discovery by Wearing Normal Clothing

TRIPOLI – In a bold choice of evasive strategy, former Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi has opted to dress in normal attire in order to hide from Libyan rebels. Typically known for his bold, outlandish outfits, Qaddafi has come to the real viagra generic ization that one possible way to avoid recognition is to remove all searingly bright, leopard-print and fur-trimmed outfits from his choice of attire. In an official statement released from the Qaddafi camp, the fleeing dictator asserted, “I’ve