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Ask Flippy: How Does Sprite Cranberry Affect LeBron’s Legacy?

Anyways, to finally answer your question, I don’t know what LeBron would be without his staple commercial for Sprite Cranberry. His acting performance for that ad alone puts him up there with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, and Harry Styles. It truly made LeBron into what he is today, and we should all be eternally grateful for it. Frankly, it was a cultural reset, and that’s that. Glad I could be of assistance. Actually, before I go, I think it’s about time I ask YOU a question. So, I’ll leave you with just this one quick query: Wanna Sprite Cranberry?

Kobe Bryant Unlocks NBA’s Chastity Belt; Stern Says Put a Ring on It

LOS ANGELES – While on an archaeological dig in Turkey, Kobe Bryant discovered the key to David Stern’s chastity belt. “Now that we have this key at our disposal, the lockout seems like a joke,” said Los Angeles Laker Derek Fisher. “All we have to do now is find Stern’s keyhole, and we can mount better negotiations.” Stern is still standing firmly erect with the owners on the lockout issue as of now. “Look, I understand Mr. Bryant has discovered