“Chicken And Boba” And Other Creative Names For Your Chicken And Boba Shop

As students stepped into a new year at Northwestern, they faced many changes. New friends, new enemies, new dorms, new classes, and perhaps, most surprisingly, new dining options. In light of the opening of “Chicken and Boba,” the new Chicken and Boba spot in Norris with quite possibly the most creative name of any shop ever to be named, here are several other creative names for your very own Chicken and Boba place.

“Boba and Chicken”

For those of you with a taste for the alphabetized, this one is for you. This has the satisfaction of alphabetical order with the same unique flavor of the original name.

“and Boba Chicken”

If you are a REAL stickler about alphabetical order.

“Chicken & Boba”

This possibility adds an extra spice to the freshness and joyfulness of the original name. You’ll have students approaching you just because of that funny symbol in between those two unanticipated words.

“Chicken and Bobo”

What a surprise! Students will be so confused and just dying to figure out what “Bobo” is. The excitement raised by the name alone will… oh wait this was a typo? Got it. Let’s continue to the next choice.

“Ch1ck3n and 808a”

This one’s for the password creators and calculator lovers! This is just like when you would take your favorite words and make them into passwords by replacing letters with numbers. Others might remember that hysterical experience in sixth grade of typing “58008” into your calculator.

“ and Boba”

No chicken? No problem! This one is a little simpler than the others, but still has the “wow” factor of the original title. If you’re out of chicken AND boba (the items, not the name) consider this next option.

“   “

Can you hear the chatter now? “Oh Suzy, have you tried ‘   ‘ yet?” “Yes Billy! ‘   ‘ is delicious!” Think about all the money you’ll save on advertising and signage.

“A Place in the Basement of Norris That Sells and Serves Chicken and Boba”

Though slightly wordier, this final name is full of the flair and dazzle your new shop needs. Besides, if the lettering won’t fit on the sign, you can cut out “A Location in the Basement of Norris That Sells and Serves” and be left with a still-inspiring idea! If chicken and/or boba does not quite suit your taste, be on the lookout for the next new store coming to Norris: “Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup”

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