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[The Flipside Guide to the 2013 Oscars] Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Other Highlights

With Oscar season in full swing, The Flipside is proud to present a summary of 2012’s most acclaimed films. By this point we were pretty exhausted writing review after review after review after review so please excuse our brevity and our tendency to make shit up. Do they really need to nominate this many movies in a year? I mean, we all know which ones won’t win. Peruse our reviews of the other nominees: *Argo and Django Unchained *Zero Dark

Congress Would Rather Sit on Their Asses

WASHINGTON – Congress has voted down the latest edition of President Obama’s jobs bill that would have legally required Americans to get jobs. The proposal was met with fierce opposition from Congressmen who would rather sit on their asses instead. The vote has been interpreted by political analysts as a legislative act defending the rights of the lazy. Senators gave impassioned speeches about the freedom to “do absolutely nothing” and to “be a couch potato,” saying that Americans have a