NFL Prepares to Celebrate MLK Day by Changing Signature Endzone Phrase “End Racism” to “End Racism NOW!”

When we think of corporations leading the way in fighting against racial injustice, we all know the first one that comes to mind: The National Football League. Remember when they supported Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling of the National Anthem and championed him as a steadfast advocate for racial justice? Probably not because that didn’t happen, but you can be sure to think of them as social justice warriors this year with their new endzone phrase “End Racism NOW.”  

The past couple years, the NFL has put the phrase “End Racism” in the endzones of every stadium. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell asked team owners (94% of whom are white) and head coaches (76% of whom are white), “What can we do?” And with that, the brilliant campaign to “End Racism” began.

When fans looked to the endzone to watch their favorite player score, or drop a perfect pass, their eyes were drawn to the two words that changed their world. They put their beer down, they stopped screaming “FUCK YOU” to opposing fans for one second, and they began to think about the state of their world. And Roger Goodell, and all the white men he works with – they high-fived.

But if you thought the NFL was devoted to ending inequality before, just wait until you hear what they’re rolling out this weekend.

For Roger, the changes weren’t quick enough. The fans were changed – some of them even got the phrase tattooed – yet it was clear: racism still existed. First, they thought maybe they should change the font – would comic sans be more eye-catching? Then, maybe the color – was it problematic the words were painted in white?

Roger Goodell sat down with his think tank and asked, “What can we do now?” Little did he know, the answer was in the question.

Two words became three.

The NFL thought there was no better time to implement their new campaign. So, as you watch Josh Allen battle Mason Rudolph on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you’ll see “End Racism NOW!” across the endzone. The NFL is tired of waiting around; now the question is – are you?

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