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Book Ban Takes Effect at Schoolhouse Rock

Famous for its groundbreaking junction of education, music, and, um, junctions, the iconic educational institute Schoolhouse Rock has come under fire for its recent book ban. The administration has begun removing a variety of books from shelves that they have deemed to be harmful to the student body, including To Kill a Mockingbird and “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your LGBTQ+ Here.” In a press conference on Tuesday, the Principal of Schoolhouse Rock, Dr. Justin A. Bill, stated, “Our children should

We Asked Northwestern’s Men’s Basketball Team Where They Were When Gene Wilder Died

In honor of Bee-One-Gee basketball starting up again, our dedicated sports journalists here at The Flipside asked our own Wildcat Men’s Basketball Team where they were when Gene Wilder died. Brooks Barnhizer: I was at home with my family, when suddenly we got the call to turn the TV on to the news. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, that he was really gone. I knew right then and there that our country would never be the same. Ty Berry:

NFL Prepares to Celebrate MLK Day by Changing Signature Endzone Phrase “End Racism” to “End Racism NOW!”

For Roger, the changes weren’t quick enough. The fans were changed – some of them even got the phrase tattooed – yet it was clear: racism still existed. First, they thought maybe they should change the font – would comic sans be more eye-catching? Then, maybe the color – was it problematic the words were painted in white?