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NU Apologizes to Blind Students in Email

EVANSTON – A lawsuit was filed against Northwestern University last March by a group of blind students. The students claimed that the University was discriminating against blind students by using a Google email client that is not fully compatible with text-to-speech software. Last week, Northwestern administrators apologized to the blind students in an email sent out to the Students With Disabilities listserv. Below is the text of that email. from: uservices@northwestern.edu <uservices@northwestern.edu> to: SSDLIST@listserv.it.northwestern.edu <SSDLIST@listserv.it.northwestern.edu> date: Fri, Mar. 15, 2011

Friendship Ended After Forwarding of Really Dumb Link

EVANSTON—Fred McMerson and James Schwartz have been “bestest buds” since preschool. They first met at snack time, in which Fred had stolen James’s juice box. Life for the now two teens was all about hanging out with each other and sharing You Tube links (namely “Mad TV John Madden Popcorn Popper,” I suggest you check it out). That friendly lifestyle has since changed. On December 27, James forwarded an e-mail to Fred (mcmersonballa@aol.com) containing a link to a You Tube